Gamification of college courses

Tonight I pissed away two hours on the website,, where I thought about Spanish more critically than I have in years. It made me think, why don’t we incorporate gamification into the design of college courses? Surely I’m not the first person that has thought of this!

It’s so tedious and boring for me to engage in my online courses for my Master’s degree. Further, it’s almost impossible for me to remember what exactly I have to do and when. But, if I could earn a badge for completing my discussions early or contributing the most constructive feedback to my peer’s draft of her final paper, I would be willing to bet that I’d be more engaged with school. 

When it comes to college courses, is it ridiculous to gamify? Are we adults and therefore beyond extrinsic motivation? Is it crazy to wish that blackboard could offer an improvement on its poorly designed user interface? I don’t think so! 

Calling all entrepreneurs, please enact this business idea. 

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