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Gamification of college courses

Tonight I pissed away two hours on the website,, where I thought about Spanish more critically than I have in years. It made me think, why don’t we incorporate gamification into the design of college courses? Surely I’m not the first person that has thought of this!

It’s so tedious and boring for me to engage in my online courses for my Master’s degree. Further, it’s almost impossible for me to remember what exactly I have to do and when. But, if I could earn a badge for completing my discussions early or contributing the most constructive feedback to my peer’s draft of her final paper, I would be willing to bet that I’d be more engaged with school. 

When it comes to college courses, is it ridiculous to gamify? Are we adults and therefore beyond extrinsic motivation? Is it crazy to wish that blackboard could offer an improvement on its poorly designed user interface? I don’t think so! 

Calling all entrepreneurs, please enact this business idea. 

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This pizza is everything

One of my goals this year is to eat out less. With the exception of a few relapses, I’ve been doing swimmingly. Of course, this means that I have to cook more or else consume far too many cereal dinners. Now, I’ve had my fair share of toasted crunchy oats, but I have done a lot of cooking too.

My absolute favorite thing to cook is this zucchini pizza. It’s a recipe that I always have in my back pocket just in case I have to please a crowd. For example, when my boyfriend wakes up and decides that he’s going to invite ten people over for BBQ. I just whip this pizza up while everyone is waiting during the eternity that it takes him to cook a batch of chicken thighs.

ImageIt makes me seem like a dream in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, it makes the other ladies a little jealous. Most importantly, it tastes like a million bucks. Even though I’d never really want to eat a million bucks. Gross.

I really love this pizza because it’s meat-free and packs a little vegetable punch and it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I decide to make it instead of running down the street to Little Caesars.

How very crunchy of me, right?

How to avoid being an angry feminist.

I have had many passions in my short life. I slip easily into obsessions, fervently learning about my current interest until I’m bored with it. Feminism, though, didn’t follow my usual pattern. Over the past few years, I’ve slowly peeled back layers on feminism and understood just how passionate an advocate I actually am. 

The problem with feminism, though, is that it makes me angry. Like, outrageously mad. It’s not like any other passion I’ve ever had.

Basically, I get angry any time I read a magazine or newspaper. I get mad when I watch tv. I get supremely pissed when a man treats me inferior. 

Of course, my anger is justifiable, but it just isn’t sustainable. I will suffer if I allow my anger to take over, and so I’m contemplating the ways I can manage and channel it appropriately. 

This blog is the answer to my anger. I handle my emotions best when I write them out. I don’t want this blog to be a rant; rather, I want to use it as a positive place to share my experiences as a woman in the hope that it will educate and encourage other men and women on their journey. That’s why I’ve created The Crunchy Feminist. 

How do you handle anger? 

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Spanx you very much, but this feminist is saying no to spanx

A quick google search will tell you that the feminist world has varying, passionate opinions about whether or not feminists should be wearing spanx or not. Really? We’re passionately infighting about people’s underwear choices? How about we channel that energy toward pay disparities in the workplace instead?

Nevertheless, I just have to say:

I hate spanx. 

I’ve worn them a handful of times and I seriously suffered. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like my rib cage was being excruciatingly pushed into my spinal cord. I didn’t do suffer through spanx because I liked the way I looked in them; I donned them because I felt like I needed to spare society from my lovely lady lumps. 

No more. 

I refuse to deal with that discomfort to conform to some stupid ideal about what I should look like. I have important shit to do at work and in life. I just can’t do it when I’m having trouble taking a deep breath because some stupid underwear designed to “smooth me out” is stressing me out. 

Keep your stinkin’ spanx. Thanks. 

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Why do you describe yourself as a wife first?

I have an issue with the twitter profiles of my fellow females. So many amazing women, doing absolutely phenomenal things professionally, creatively and personally use one adjective to describe themselves first in their twitter profile:


Now, I’m not a wife. At least not anymore – that’s a story for a different day. But, I take issue with the fact that so many women feel like their marital status is the first and best way to describe themselves. 

Men don’t do this. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a male describe himself as “husband” first in his twitter profile, I’d have about a quarter. Tops.

What gives? 

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