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Spanx you very much, but this feminist is saying no to spanx

A quick google search will tell you that the feminist world has varying, passionate opinions about whether or not feminists should be wearing spanx or not. Really? We’re passionately infighting about people’s underwear choices? How about we channel that energy toward pay disparities in the workplace instead?

Nevertheless, I just have to say:

I hate spanx. 

I’ve worn them a handful of times and I seriously suffered. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like my rib cage was being excruciatingly pushed into my spinal cord. I didn’t do suffer through spanx because I liked the way I looked in them; I donned them because I felt like I needed to spare society from my lovely lady lumps. 

No more. 

I refuse to deal with that discomfort to conform to some stupid ideal about what I should look like. I have important shit to do at work and in life. I just can’t do it when I’m having trouble taking a deep breath because some stupid underwear designed to “smooth me out” is stressing me out. 

Keep your stinkin’ spanx. Thanks. 

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I should have called this blog ‘confused feminist’

I just spent two hours perusing blogs and websites to improve my understanding of modern feminism and my head hurts. It actually aches.

I don’t understand why the most straightforward of concepts – equality for women – feels so hidden in the conversation surrounding feminism.

Feminists are talking to each other, deep in the rabbit hole of their intellectual pursuits, when they need to be talking to the huge number of women that don’t know a thing about feminism and shun the title.

Am I missing the blogs and websites talking about feminism in a straightforward, non-jargony, practical way? Please direct me to them!

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