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How to avoid being an angry feminist.

I have had many passions in my short life. I slip easily into obsessions, fervently learning about my current interest until I’m bored with it. Feminism, though, didn’t follow my usual pattern. Over the past few years, I’ve slowly peeled back layers on feminism and understood just how passionate an advocate I actually am. 

The problem with feminism, though, is that it makes me angry. Like, outrageously mad. It’s not like any other passion I’ve ever had.

Basically, I get angry any time I read a magazine or newspaper. I get mad when I watch tv. I get supremely pissed when a man treats me inferior. 

Of course, my anger is justifiable, but it just isn’t sustainable. I will suffer if I allow my anger to take over, and so I’m contemplating the ways I can manage and channel it appropriately. 

This blog is the answer to my anger. I handle my emotions best when I write them out. I don’t want this blog to be a rant; rather, I want to use it as a positive place to share my experiences as a woman in the hope that it will educate and encourage other men and women on their journey. That’s why I’ve created The Crunchy Feminist. 

How do you handle anger? 

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I should have called this blog ‘confused feminist’

I just spent two hours perusing blogs and websites to improve my understanding of modern feminism and my head hurts. It actually aches.

I don’t understand why the most straightforward of concepts – equality for women – feels so hidden in the conversation surrounding feminism.

Feminists are talking to each other, deep in the rabbit hole of their intellectual pursuits, when they need to be talking to the huge number of women that don’t know a thing about feminism and shun the title.

Am I missing the blogs and websites talking about feminism in a straightforward, non-jargony, practical way? Please direct me to them!

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